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Teeth Whitening

Get your shiny white teeth back


Nowadays being beauty also means having healthy and shiny white teeth. People are trying to have permanently white teeth for centuries but most of the attempts have been unsuccessful. A professional teeth whitening is one of the first innovations with which teeth can be whiten softly, achieving better results at the same time.

Why do teeth get stained?


Over the years, our teeth get stained inevitably. In general there are only two main reasons. On the one hand there are exterior stains caused by coloured food, e.g red wine, coffee and tea but also consumables like tobacco. On the other hand there’re interior stains deep inside the dentin caused by malnutrition, caries bacteria but also stains caused by accidents and the subsequent necrosis of the tooth pulp.

When does a professional teeth whitening makes sense and what should be considered?

A professional teeth whitening is always recommended for patients who do suffer from their stained teeth and where stains can’t be removed like plaque by brushing the teeth or by performing a normal dental hygiene. If a patient decides for a professional chair side teeth whitening a prior tooth cleaning would be highly recommended. Following to such a professional tooth cleaning the dentist will be able to evaluate the real colour of the teeth. Finally the dentist should also check the general condition of the teeth and gum to avoid any risk for the patient.


How does teeth whitening works?

There are three ways to get teeth whitened. One method is to whiten the teeth with a form tray individually prepared by the dentist. The patients themselves fill the whitening gel directly into the form tray. Generally these trays have to be worn from 1 to 8 hours over night or during the day which also depends on the intensity of stains. All in all only a few treatments are needed to recognize visible results. Another method would be a professional in-office treatment performed by a dentist. Here the dentist applies a thin layer of whitening gel on the surface of the teeth for 15 until 30 minutes and accelerates the effect by using a Whitening Device (LyDenti® Whitening Lamp). One big advantage of the in-office treatment is the duration of treatment – within just one hour patients can get their shiny white teeth back. A third method offers the treatment of single teeth, e.g. devitalized teeth. In such a case the dentist inserts the whitening gel directly into the devitalized tooth to reach a whitening effect.


LyDenti® offers a wide range of whitening products. A professional chair side treatment provides a shiny bright smile for 2 to 3 years.


You are welcome to request further information. Your LyDenti® Whitening Team!

Teeth whitening in general

Shiny bride teeth become more and more important in our society. Coming along with that also the professional chair side treatment continues to make good progress. An effective teeth whitening can be performed in the dental office. The dentist applies a thin layer of whitening material directly onto the teeth to be whitened. A professional teeth whitening in a dental offers requires a pre-treatment, i.e. the teeth should be cleaned professionally prior to the treatment and the gingiva must be covered using gingival dam, a light-cured resin barrier great for tissue isolation during in-office bleaching. A professional teeth whitening can be only performed by a dentist as only the dentist has the required skills and training in the use of high-percentage whitening gel. The peroxide oxidizing agent penetrates the porosities in the rod-like crystal structure of enamel and bleaches stain deposits in the dentin.

Teeth whitening materials should have a neutral ph-value to protect the teeth during the treatment. A professional in-office teeth whitening in a dental office takes just half an hour and is one of the most effective option to whiten teeth with best results. Whitening results generally last 6 to 24 month and depend on the patient’s individual way of life, i.e. consumption of coffee, tea and tobacco reduce whitening results much faster. Another possibility to whiten teeth is the at-home bleaching which requires much more treatment time. An at-home bleaching is to be used at home by the patient. At home whiteners use custom teeth whitening trays containing a whitening gel for 1-2 hours a day for a period of 7 to 14 days. An important prerequisite for teeth whitening is a healthy condition of the teeth. Dental fillings, crowns or implants need to be undamaged and fully intact and can not be whitened. A professional in-office whitening can only be performed on natural teeth. Another case is the whitening of devitalized teeth which is possible via inserting the whitening gel directly into the teeth. The crown of this tooth must be opened to insert the whitening gel into the cavity which has been the former dental pulp. Then the tooth gets closed again covering the whitening gel for several days. After removal of the whitening gel the tooth must be sealed permanently. At-home whitening products which are available over the counter (pharmacies, drugstores and supermarkets) are very often of diversified quality and there can be products which are could damage the enamel of the teeth.

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